Reality Junkies Threesome Video

Another week and time for another reality junkies video to be brought to you. For this one we have a scene that we shot a while back. Actually it’s the first update we brought you if we recall correctly. Well we brought the ladies that had fun that time back to shoot a video this time and they were more than happy to oblige. So it went down just like last time, they had the opportunity to pick from a few guys that were all ready to fuck them, and once happy with their choice they started the show.

Just like the first time they straight out threw him on the bed and took of his pants to reveal his cock, and so that both of them can start working on it with their eager lips. Watch them do one amazing double blow job for the lucky guy today. He just laid back and enjoyed the entire experience. After that the two little sluts started taking turns riding his cock with their wet pussies. So that’s about it for this update guys, like always we hope you enjoyed yourselves and we’ll see you back next week with more reality junkies updates.

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Reality Junkies Video – Hardcore Threesome

For this update we have something special, namely a reality junkies video that you just have to see. In this scene we have a married couple that are regularly enjoying threesomes, with an additional woman. You see the guy’s wife swings both ways and that’s how they got to end up together. She liked the guy but she told him they’d have to get around another lady for her to stay with him. Naturally this was just what the guy hoped for, and he agreed on the spot. Today they’re having one lady friend over to have a nice threesome.

They welcome their guest in as they also have a nice dinner planned as well. They sit and talk for a while joking and just catching up on things. But soon spirits let loose and all three are ready to have a great time having sex. The two women take turns sucking on the guy’s cock for some nice blowjobs, and when he’s all nice and ready to fuck their pussies they waste no time in presenting their eager cunts to the fucking. So watch the lucky guy work on those two horny ladies in this awesome update. Find similar videos inside website. Enjoy!

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Hardcore DP

Today’s reality junkies update features a rather special lady that’s always in to have some hard style fun every time she gets a chance to. Today she got picked up by two studs at the club she usually hangs out at, and she was expecting them to do a good job of fucking her too once they headed back for home. She straight out told them that she expects to be fucked hard today and she’s not taking no for an answer. The guys were very happy to hear this naturally as you don’t meet a woman like her every day.

When they reached the apartment the guys kissed her passionately and started undressing her to reveal one amazingly sexy and perky body paired with a pussy and ass that are to die for. Happy with the package, the guys take out their cocks and offer them to the short haired blonde to suck on. You just have to see her switching one cock with the other for the sucking. Then it was time for her to be fucked. So watch her spreading her legs as she’s getting double fucked by the two horny guys in this reality junkies gallery today. If you’re looking for similar content, cum inside blog. Bye!


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Reality Junkies – Naughty SchoolGirl

It’s another fresh week and time for another reality junkies update. In this one we bring you this naughty schoolgirl that seems to have gotten into some trouble with her teacher. She did anything but study today during class so the guy had to teach her a lesson and make an example of her. So he gave her detention to stay inside after school and do her homework under his supervision. But it seems that this lovely lady has trouble concentrating even with that. It looks like the teacher has to go one step further. Now the question is.. canhescore?

To be honest the little lady is just happy to be with him alone, hence the whole detention thing. And now it’s time for the slutty little blonde to make her move on the guy. So a few minutes later she has him in her hooks and unbuttons his pants so she can start sucking his dick. The teacher sure as hell didn’t mind, offering his goods to her gladly. Watch as the blonde takes her hard style dicking for being naughty today and be sure to watch out for the next update everyone. See you next time with more content. Bye!


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Jizz Fest

Hey there again everyone, reality junkies returns with this fresh gallery for you to enjoy. For this scene we have one slutty mature woman with a taste for big cock and jizz. She sais hat to her a successful sex session has to end with her having some cum on her. So not wanting to disappoint her we gave her a dude to have her fun with for the night to her delight, as she just loves having sex with random studs. She just enjoys seeing them try their best when they’re trying to please her eager cunt every time.

So like any other awesome reality junkies porn scene this also begins with our busty and sexy brunette MILF going down on the guy’s cock to get him nice and hard for her pussy. And you just have to see the incredible job that this sexy woman does at sucking cock. Well to be honest she’s had lots of practice. So watch her as she sucks him off and then takes his cock for a ride, so you can get to see her bounce on his dick too. At the end she jumps off though to take his load all over her cute face just like she always loves it. Hoped you enjoyed this update and if you are looking for similar content, you can watch some nuru massage videos and have a great time watching other beauties offering great massages!


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RealityJunkies – Hardcore Fucking

This week’s update from the realityjunkies crew features one smoking babe getting her share of cock in her pussy for the day. She’s a really hot babe with long brown hair and quite a passion for having random sex with lucky guys. She’s been wanting to take some time off from her job and go on a vacation and when she got off her flight today she got it in her mind that she just needs to screw a guy as soon as she reaches the hotel. Fortunately for her the bellhop was looking to be quite a stud in the eyes of this lady.

As he helped with her luggage to her room, she locked the door behind them so they wouldn’t be disturbed. The poor guy didn’t know what’s going on and he was a bit nervous but when the woman started to undress, the guy knew he’d be in for some good times. So without further due, sit back and watch this amazing woman as she gives the guy a run for his money riding his cock hard style for the whole afternoon this time. Enjoy the gallery everyone and like always we’ll see you in the next update. Until next time, if you wanna see some cheating husbands fucking hot pornstars, cum inside ihaveawife blog and have fun! Bye!


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Reality Junkies – Julia and Michael

Continuing last week’s reality junkies trend to have some sensual MILFS getting fucked by studs, today we’re bringing you Julia, a super hot mature woman with the same tastes for fresh cock. She’s told us that to her there’s no feeling better than a guy who’s got the energy to go the extra mile to try and please her eager pussy. So in this scene the lusty Julia goes to do some prowling at some clubs in hopes of finding a nice guy to have some casual sex for this fine evening. Suffice to say this mysistershotfriend spotted something and she moved in.

She saw a guy that was kind of getting lots of attention from all the ladies there so she wanted to try and show the other ladies there how they should approach a guy if they hope to leave the spot together with him. So putting her charms to use she seduces the guy and they leave to her place, making the res of the women really jealous of her skills. Well that and her body. Once back at her place she throws him on the bed and starts riding hic cock. Watch her getting her pussy thoroughly worked today. Enjoy this reality junkies update everyone!


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Dana DeArmond and Mr. Pete

in this reality junkies update we have another treat for you. This time we have over the sexy mature woman named Dana DeArmond and for this gallery she’s going to show off how a MILF like her gets her pleasures every time she needs it. You see this little brunette slut is always on the prowl for some mydadshotgirlfriend cocks and she always goes out of her way to impress guys half her age with her sizzling hot body and sexual experience. Her pick-up lines always involves her teaching the guys some new tricks in bed.

And for this lucky guy she uses the same line. It was successful too as the guy was really intrigued as to what this super hot older woman has to show off to him. So she took him back to her place where they spent the whole night fucking. She told him straight off that she’s looking for a hard style dicking and she isn’t letting him go until she’s satisfied with the results. So watch the dude as he does his best to please this super hot and sexy MIlF this fine evening. We hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you again next time.


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Reality Junkies Porn – Office Fuck

Hello again everyone, we have another reality junkies porn gallery for you to enjoy today. In this one we have one awesome and hard style office fucking with one sexy brunette that’s packing a seriously sexy body. She’s got a pair of perky tits , long legs and a ass and pussy that every guy would want to have. She’s a hot doctor and she regularly has to cater to her bosses’ needs to fuck a eager pussy when he’s too stressed out. So today this thing that she did is all in a day’s work for this sensual little lady.

As this was one long day for her boss, the guy called her in to help him unwind and she knew exactly what she had to do like every time she has to enter his office. So she went straight for his chair taking her place on his lap and asking if he’d need his special treatment. Suffice to say that from that point on, until he just places her on his desk to fuck her, didn’t take long. So watch the brunette secretary taking a proper dicking today for your enjoyment. We’ll be back next week with more content guys, so stay tuned. If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the site and see other beautiful chicks getting their tight pussies fucked!


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RealityJunkies – Cock Hungry Sluts

Another fine day and time for one more realityjunkies update. Today we bring you another duo of super hot and sexy ladies getting wild with a lucky man. The two women went down to a bar they usually frequent to try and pick up some lucky guy for a night since they want to double team him today. It didn’t take long for them to lay eyes on something they liked and take the lucky guy back home with them. On the way back the two naughty amateurs were already plotting how they’d get their share of cock for tonight, and the guy could hear them.

Suffice to say he was really happy with their quite imaginative thoughts and he could hardly wait the moment of the fucking himself. Once at the spot, the women make quick work of his clothes and you know just how every nice sex session starts. Yes’ we’re talking about some very passionate and sensual blowjobs performed by these two women. Once they got him all nice and hard it was time for them to pass on to the hard style fun, so watch them as they switch positions when the rode the dude’s cock tonight. Wanna see other beauties sucking cocks? Visit the I know that girl blog and have fun! See you next time, friends!


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